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About Us

The world is in crisis, from environment and health to identity and innovation.

We underestimate the burden of consumption on our minds, lives and society.

At सादा / SAADAA, we are spreading the idea of SIMPLICITY, where less is better.
Our way: ZERO-compromise essential products which abide by our 3 core principles

Minimal design that lasts
All our products are of exceptional quality and permanently relevant, able to stay in your wardrobe forever.

Our focus on value and consumer ease has created a radically transparent pricing system.

From ZERO cash on the delivery fee, automatic discounting to one-click WhatsApp support for everyone


Our mission is simple: make it easy to be eco-responsible with affordable high-quality products & planet-positive packaging.

We maximise practices to eliminate plastic & harmful chemicals from our footprint with initiatives like Plantable paper in branding, Upcycled cotton bags as packaging to material research for unmatched value and access.